Founded in Thailand in 2007, SINEI Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional mould & aluminum die casting manufacturer. Offering the high-quality product and professional service. To be a customer satisfied supplier, we have professional technician and advanced equipment to manufacture products. Our specialty is to provide one-stop service, which is from designing, mold, and die casting to deburring, polishing, CNC lather processes, and CNC drilling. we have passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification and established a complete set of quality assurance system. Our products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, industrial hand tools, electronics, furniture, led lamps, et. We are confident to be your trusted manufacturing partner.



            泰國新易工業股份有限公司成立於2007,是一家專業的模具和鋁壓鑄製造商。 提供高品質的產品和專業的服務,我們有專業的技術人員及先進的設備來生產產品,希望成為客戶滿意的供應商。 我們的專長是提供從模具設計、模具製作、壓鑄件生產到修毛邊、拋光、cnc車床加工及cnc鑽孔攻牙的一站式服務。 通過了ISO 9001:2015認證,建立了一套完整的品質保證系統。 產品廣泛應用於汽車、摩托車、工業手工具、電子、傢俱用品、led燈具等等..領域,我們有信心成為您信賴的好夥伴。